I have to share with you this amazing resource that has totally changed my blog traffic in just 3 months!

If you are a new blogger or are just having a hard time figuring out the “secret” to getting people to your site, you need to check out Jennifer Maker’s Pinterest Launch Plan.


Life Before the Pinterest Launch Plan

In March 2018, I totally changed the focus of my blog and my traffic dropped to 1,000 pageviews/month.  I was basically starting from zero again. Yikes!

Over the next few months, I focused on creating awesome content and putting it out to the world.  I thought, “This is it! People are going to love this content and my traffic is going to be booming!”

But, that is definitely NOT what happened.  Instead, my traffic hovered at 3,000 pageviews/month for the entire summer regardless of what I did.

During those months I had been trying to increase my traffic through Pinterest, but I just wasn’t seeing any results.  Turns out, you need to have a plan if you want to see results on Pinterest!  When I wasn’t seeing results, I started looking for another option.


Was the Pinterest Launch Plan For Real?

I ran across Jennifer’s Pinterest Launch Plan and was immediately convinced it had something to offer.  She took note of what was working on Pinterest for her personal blog (www.jennifermaker.com).  Then, she did this experiment where she started a brand new blog from scratch and implemented that exact same Pinterest strategy to see if it was repeatable.

Meaning, could she get the same results from a mom blog that she had from her crafting blog?  Turns out, she absolutely could! The outcome was amazing! This gave me the confidence to try her methods in my own niche.  


Was the Cost Worth It?

In comparison to other blogging courses out there, the Pinterest Launch Plan was extremely affordable.  When I compared the cost of the e-book to the potential income from increasing subscribers and pageviews; spending the money on her course was a no-brainer.  It would seriously end up being pennies compared to what I could earn.

I made back what I spent on the e-book within one month.


What Happened When I Put the Pinterest Launch Plan into Practice?

I started Jennifer’s course at the end of August and in just three months my pageviews had grown from 3,000 to 40,000!!  It was insane.


graphic showing pageviews increasing with pinterest launch plan



Because my traffic increased, I was accepted with Mediavine and gained 1,000+ subscribers in 2 months.

I couldn’t believe it!  And none of the stuff I was doing was difficult.  Could it really be that simple to get traffic to increase?


increase in email subscribers with convertkit



Jennifer’s Pinterest Launch Plan was a game changer for me.  Her instructions were super simple to follow and she walked me through her tactical approach to Pinterest, step by step.


Should I Purchase the Pinterest Launch Plan?

If you are struggling with getting more traffic to your website, you need this e-book.

If you feel like you are spinning your wheels on Pinterest and just can’t get it to click, you need this e-book.

If you are looking for someone to show you what to do in a step by step plan that works, you need this e-book.


I have started recommending this to everyone I know because it is AMAZING!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

And BONUS, you have lifetime access and Jennifer is always keeping it updated with the latest changes on Pinterest relevant to the Pinterest Launch Plan.


So, if you haven’t “figured out Pinterest” yet, stop stressing and start launching!


Let me know your results!  This is going to be awesome!


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